About Coco Crafts

Image of Cory, the creator of Coco Crafts.

Hello! I'm Cory, the creator behind Coco Crafts. My sewing journey began quite suddenly in the Spring of 2020. At the start of the pandemic, I made a few face masks as a way to pass time while stuck indoors and to protect my family. Soon, friends started asking me if I could make some for them, and before I knew it, I had orders pouring in and a small business in the works!

When I noticed the need for masks starting to slow down, I decided to try sewing pouches. I was quickly inspired to learn new skills and start making totes, crossbody purses, and handbags. I love going through the creative process with my customers; helping them to design a bag that becomes an expression of who they are through style, color, and features is a huge part of my success and I'm truly grateful for the support and love that I've received from my customers.